Building the IIT Ropar brand

What happen when you Google for 'IIT'? Does IIT Ropar appear on the first page?
Does Facebook has a network for Indian Institute of Technology Ropar?
Does Indian Institute of Technology Ropar appear in the drop-down list of LinkedIn when you enter your school?

The answer to all the above questions is NO and it's time we change this.
How? By having uniformity in what information we fill in our profiles.

Let's start with Facebook
Go to and set your College/University to Indian Institute of Technology Ropar. Not IIT Ropar, Not IIT Punjab and definitely not IIT ROPAR(PUNJAB). Set your Class Year to 2012, 2013 or 2014 as the case may be. Set your Concentration to Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering as the case may be. Not CSE, EE or ME. Many people don't understand these abbreviations. And remember that Indian Institute of Technology Ropar is your College not your Graduate School. Remove all other variations of IIT Ropar from your college/university.

Go to and enter Indian Institute of Technology Ropar in the form. Do you get a "Please enter a valid network." error? If yes, Go to and send Facebook a request for adding a new network with the following details. (I know you know all these details, I am just providing this so that you can quickly copy and paste.)

Full Name of college/university: Indian Institute of Technology Ropar
Your school-supplied email address:
Year of graduation: 2012 or 2013 or 2014
School's website:

Update: You can't add a new network on Facebook.

Now let's talk about LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a professional social network, so if your display name is XYZ iamfuckingawesome please change it to your real name. It won't look good when the recruiters see your awesome surname. Also it looks good if you capitalize the first letter of your name and surname.
Now just as with Facebook enter your school name as Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar and not something else.

One other thing, please don't do this - adding a current position of "Student" at a company "IIT Ropar". No, you are not employed at IIT Ropar.

Lastly and most importantly if you have a blog and you have mentioned IIT Ropar somewhere in your blog, it will do our website a whole lot of good if you give a link to it. Here's the HTML for that.
<a href="">IIT Ropar</a>
<a href="">Indian Institute of Technology Ropar</a>

Do all these things... NOW!